Domestic Couples: What They Are and Why You Should Hire One

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Domestic Couples: What They Are and Why You Should Hire One

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The baseline definition of a domestic couple is two people that work together within a private household. You might hear the phrase “domestic couple” and think that both employees are in a romantic relationship.

This isn’t always the case.

Family members and close friends can provide domestic couple services. Both members of a domestic couple will always know each other well.

Hiring a couple that’s familiar with each other comes with inherent advantages. Most domestic couples have spent years working together.

The experience that each person has working with one another allows each member of the unit to complement the other’s skillset. Domestic couples are capable of completing a wide variety of tasks. Let’s take a look at what those different tasks can look like.

Standard Domestic Couple Duties

It’s helpful to think of a domestic couple as a swiss army knife for completing household tasks. Every domestic couple should offer a certain amount of flexibility to meet your specific needs. It’s common for one member to focus on maintaining external parts of the household property while the other tends to duties within the home.

External property duties can include maintenance, DIY projects, gardening, and more. Internal household work mainly revolves around cooking, cleaning, and taking care of kids/pets. Expect some crossover when hiring a domestic couple.

The members of the couple will support each other in their tasks when need be. A homeowner may primarily assign external property work to both members of a domestic couple—or vice versa. It all depends on the hiring party’s needs.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Domestic Couple?

It’s time to break down the numerous ways that you can benefit from hiring a domestic couple.

Let’s dive in.

Benefit #1: Diverse Skill Sets

Domestic couples hold a high level of professionalism that helps them accomplish your specific goals. This professionalism boils down to a wide range of skills and an extensive amount of experience. Whether you’re looking for groundwork, house management, or something in between—you can find a domestic couple that will rise to the occasion.

Benefit #2: Attention to Detail Comes Standard

The ability to multitask while providing attention to detail is one of the biggest perks that domestic couples offer. Efficiency is the primary goal of these professionals. Professional domestic couples will attack tasks with accuracy to minimize mistakes. A domestic couple’s attention to detail translates to less stress on your plate.

Benefit #3: Cost-Effectiveness

While hiring a domestic couple comes at a cost—the joint salary you pay for the team to cover a variety of roles can save you money. Employing several different parties to cover various household tasks is naturally going to cost more than hiring one skilled couple. If you’re eager to take a step toward hiring a domestic couple—keep reading!

Use Staffing at Tiffanie’s to Hire Your Ideal Domestic Couple

Staffing at Tiffanie’s aims to take the stress out of employing a domestic couple by offering you a streamlined matching process. The experience we offer you is broken down into the following four primary stages:

  1. We listen to your specific needs and create your ideal household role.
  2. We’ll select fully screened candidates that are a perfect fit for your requests.
  3. You’ll get to interview our chosen candidates at your convenience.
  4. After selecting your domestic couple, we draft an organized and detailed offer of employment letter.

Call us today at 866-484-5550 when you’re ready to begin.