Why You Can Benefit from a Virtual Personal Assistant

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Why You Can Benefit from a Virtual Personal Assistant

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With more people working from home, it leaves less time to get other tasks taken care of like calling to schedule appointments, planning special events like birthday parties, or even remembering to order groceries online for delivery. For assistance with these types of things, you can benefit from having an online personal assistant.

Do you find that you have a lot of tasks you need to do online or phone calls to make? Maybe you need help balancing your bank accounts? For these types of tasks, hiring a virtual personal assistant can be a great idea.

What Is the Difference Between an In-Person and a Virtual Personal Assistant?

With an in-person personal assistant, the employee works out of your home during set working hours. They are nearby, so, if you need them to drop what they are doing and do something else, they can. You will often have to conduct job training, help them get familiar with the layout of your home, and other such things.

Virtual personal assistants work out of their own homes. You communicate with them via Zoom or some other virtual video conferencing app or the telephone. You share information about what tasks you want them to complete by providing them with a “To-Do” list via email or over the phone. You may also need to grant them access to cloud apps and storage spaces so you can share information collaboratively.

Additionally, there are hybrid virtual assistants that work remotely most of the time. Based on your needs, you can have them work out of your home on select days, such as once a week, every other week, or a few times a month. This allows your virtual assistant to also assist with hands-on tasks.

Benefits of Personal Assistants

The primary benefit of an in-person assistant is they can complete hands-on tasks. The primary benefit of an online personal assistant is they can complete most tasks like an in-person assistant while getting creative with others, such as having your groceries delivered to your home instead of going to the store and getting them like an in-person assistant might.

Virtual assistants tend to also be more productive and get more work done. You can also take advantage of flextime work schedules with virtual assistants when you do not always need them to work eight hours a day. In-person assistants, unless you specifically hire them as a part-time employee, will expect to work eight hours a day.

What Tasks Does a Virtual Online Personal Assistant Do?

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In general, virtual assistants perform a wide range of administrative tasks, such as making phone calls, answering phone calls, booking appointments, booking travel arrangements, managing your personal email accounts, assisting with personal finances, paying household bills, and so on. Essentially, any task that is done online can be done remotely by your virtual assistant.

Your virtual assistant can also assist with other types of tasks like online shopping for clothing, food, or essential items. Instead of going to a physical store, they order whatever you need and have it delivered to your home.

They can also take care of scheduling maintenance and repairs for your home as long as you let them know what is needed. Some virtual assistants can even provide tutoring services virtually for your children when they need help with homework assignments and tasks.

As can be seen, virtual assistants can be more beneficial when most of your tasks and job duties can be completed remotely or you only require an in-person assistant on occasion. On the other hand, when you have large volumes of hands-on tasks that need to be done, an in-person assistant will be a better choice.

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