The 12 Most Common Hiring Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Nanny

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The 12 Most Common Hiring Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Nanny

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When you are ready to hire a nanny, it is important to be aware of common hiring mistakes, to avoid making them yourself. Many parents have made these mistakes and realized later what went wrong. Fortunately, you can learn from their mistakes and be in a good position to find the perfect nanny for your home.

1. Not providing a clear job description.

You may have expectations beyond caring for your children. You may want your nanny to take care of preparing meals, perform light housekeeping duties, and transport your children to various school and social events. It is important to provide a clear job description to find the best candidates.

2. Not asking the right questions during the interview.

It is easy to get excited when meeting potential nannies for your home. You want to get to know more about them and ensure their personality fits with yours. Yet, you could easily forget to ask about their job experience, prior households, and other important information you need to know before hiring a nanny.

3. Not preparing a written agreement/contract.

When there is not a written agreement or contract in place, there can be misunderstandings later. Take the time to write out a clear and concise agreement or contract that details expected job duties, benefits, pay rate, and so on.

4. Not be clear on wages, benefits, holiday pay, sick time, etc.

This is another mistake that can occur when you are not aware of current market rates. It can also occur when you expect your nanny to perform a wide range of additional duties in the household beyond caring for the children. It is important to clearly define a base wage, list of benefits, holiday pay, vacation pay, sick pay, etc. Make sure to include these details in your written agreement/contract.

5. Not Using a nanny placement agency.

When you attempt to hire a nanny yourself, you may not get the best job candidates. Plus, you have added responsibilities to narrowing down your list of potential candidates. By using a nanny placement agency, you gain access to experienced and qualified nannies, which makes finding the best one easier.

6. Not running a background check and vetting the nanny.

If you are not using an agency, not taking the time to run a full background check and vet the nanny can be a huge mistake. You are leaving someone you want to trust alone with your children. Make sure you know exactly who they are for peace of mind.

7. Not interviewing more than one nanny.

You may fall in love with the first nanny you interview, and that is okay. However, make a point to interview multiple nannies for the position. You might be surprised that another nanny ends up being a better fit for you and your children.

8. Not having the children present during interviews.

Your nanny will be taking care of your children. Not having them present to see how they interact with each other is a huge mistake. You may love the nanny, but your children may not be as receptive. You want to find a nanny that your children like.

9. Not explaining your expectations during the interview.

It is essential to explain what you expect your nanny to do. You may have already detailed this in the job description and your written agreement/contract. Take the time to go over your expectations during the interview and find out if the nanny is capable of meeting your expectations.

10. Not establishing a “trial” period.

Another mistake is when you do not establish a “trial” period for the new nanny. Generally, the “trial” period is 90 days, as this provides sufficient time to verify if the nanny can perform the required job duties and is a good fit. Be clear about the “trial” period with the potential nannies when conducting interviews.

11. Not verifying the nanny’s personal and professional references.

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Whether you use a nanny placement agency or attempt to hire a nanny yourself, take the time to verify the references your candidates provide. By not doing so, you may not uncover potential concerns until later after you have hired them.

12. Not discussing how the nanny is to pay for extra expenses.

Another common mistake is assuming your nanny is to cover extra expenses and then be reimbursed for them later. If you expect your nanny to take your children on outings where there will be a cost, pay for food, buy meals, etc., make sure to discuss this during the interview and what would work best for you and the nanny.

By being aware of the common mistakes people make when hiring a nanny, you can avoid them and find the best nanny for your home.

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