Oh No! What to Do if Your Nanny Is Sick

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Oh No! What to Do if Your Nanny Is Sick

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The last thing you want to hear from your nanny is he or she is sick. Many parents forget nannies are human, too, and they can and do get sick. Whether they are live-in or call you to inform you of their illness, what to do if your nanny is sick starts by ensuring you have back-up plans already established. 

1. Ask your nanny to help create the back-up plan. Chances are your nanny knows other nannies and child caregivers. He or she might be able to suggest some of them as back-ups if they get sick. You will want to meet their recommendations ahead of time just like an agency’s emergency nannies to verify they will be the right choice.

2. Talk to your neighbor. If your neighbor also has a nanny for their children, see about working out an arrangement with them. For instance, if your nanny is sick, your children can go to your neighbor’s house for the day and be cared for by their nanny and vice versa. You could even sweeten the deal by offering to pay the nanny for caring for your children.

If your neighbor does not have a nanny but is always home, you could ask them to fill in either at your home or theirs when your nanny is sick. Just make sure to pay them accordingly for their help.

3. Have a relative or two available for childcare duty. If your parents live nearby, find out if they would be willing to step in and watch their grandchildren whenever your nanny is out sick. You could also ask your siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, or close family friends.

4. Ask your other household staff to fill in. If you have a large household staff, you could see if one of the other staff would be willing to forgo their normal daily duties and care for your children when their nanny is sick.

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5. Find a daycare that allows drop-ins. Some daycares will allow you to use their childcare service when your nanny is sick. You can register your children ahead of time and then just pay for the days they spend at the daycare.

6. Ask their governor or governess. If your children have a governor or governess, ask them to step in and provide additional childcare when your nanny is sick. Most should not mind since they are already there to instruct your children.

7. Take the day off work and stay home. If all else fails, you could take the day off work and stay home with your children. Hopefully, your nanny recovers quickly. Otherwise, it at least gives you an entire day to make arrangements for your children using one or more of your back-up plans.

By taking the time now to develop a plan of what to do if your nanny is sick and having more than one option, you will not have to stress or worry about finding someone to take care of your children.

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