7 Fun Thanksgiving Activities for Kids to Do With Nannies and Parents

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7 Fun Thanksgiving Activities for Kids to Do With Nannies and Parents

paper craft for kids.

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, now is a great time for you to start thinking about fun Thanksgiving activities for kids. There are all sorts of different things kids can make to add to the family’s Thanksgiving celebration. To help get you started, check out these great activities that are perfect for all age groups.

1. Yarn Pumpkins

Blow up a balloon so that is round, but not fully blown up. Next, carefully apply school glue to the balloon. Take orange-colored yarn and wrap it around the balloon in different directions. Allow the glue to fully dry, and then take a pin and pop the balloon. Finish off this project by using brown and green pipe cleaners to make the stem and vines.

2. Paper Bag Turkey

You will need construction paper of all different colors, including white, orange, black, and red. Cut out two small white circles, and two smaller black circles for the eyes. Cut out an orange beak and a red wattle. Glue these onto the paper bag. Next, cut about eight to ten feather-shaped pieces. Glue these to the back of the paper bag. If you don’t have paper bags, you can make the body out of brown construction paper.

3. Colorful Thanksgiving Placemats

Using heavy poster paper, have your kids draw and color turkeys and other Thanksgiving-themed designs. You could use stencils for more intricate designs. Once they are done making the placemats, laminate them to protect them.

4. Fingerpaint Handprint Turkeys

Put fingerpaint onto a paper plate and spread it around. Next, help your child press his or her hand onto the plate, and then press the handprint onto another paper plate or a heavy piece of paper. Allow the paint to dry, and finish painting or coloring the turkey’s eyes, beak, and wattle.

5. Pinecone Turkeys

Glue a head onto the pinecone using a brown “puffball,” and then glue on eyeballs, the beak, and wattle using different colors of felt sheets. For the feathers, you can use different colors of ribbons folded in half or pipe cleaners made into a feather shape. Glue these to the pinecone.

6. Fall Harvest Candle Holders

Take empty mason jars of different sizes. Use red, orange, and yellow tissue paper to cut out leaves in different colors and sizes. Use a brown marker to draw the “veins” of the leaves. Glue these to the exterior of the mason jars. Take a piece of raffia ribbon and tie it around the top of each of the jars. Now, insert a candle inside each jar. You can use battery-powered candles if your kids want to use these in their rooms as a nightlight.

7. Thanksgiving Banner

Mason Jar Decorated with Artificial Autumn Leaves on White

Using construction paper or felt sheets, cut or fold the paper or felt into flag-shaped pieces. Next, use a marker to write one letter on each flag to spell out “Thanksgiving” or another phrase. Glue dry beans, corn, macaroni, and other such things on each flag piece to make the letters. To finish, carefully fold the top of each flag over a piece of nylon cord or raffia ribbon and staple, tape, or glue the pieces on. Allow the banner to fully dry before hanging it up.

We hope you have fun making these Thanksgiving activities with your kids this holiday season.

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