Hire a Governess/Governor and Keep Your Child Safe Amid COVID-19

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Hire a Governess/Governor and Keep Your Child Safe Amid COVID-19

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Many parents have concerns about sending their children back to school amid the COVID-19 pandemic. As we’ve seen already in Georgia and Indiana in the public schools, students and faculty alike have tested positive for the virus, which has resulted in thousands being quarantined or the schools closing back down.

Fortunately, you have another option besides distance virtual learning for your child. You could hire a Governess/Governor through a domestic staffing agency. A Governess/Governor is essentially your child’s personal teacher or tutor who provides in-person learning from the safety of your home.

What Is a Governess/Governor and What Do They Do?

A Governess/Governor takes care of planning your child’s lessons and subjects to ensure they are learning at their current grade level. Yet, quite often, children who are instructed by a Governess/Governor tend to be learning ahead of their peers.

Some of the educational tasks your Governess/Governor can do include:

  • Create Daily Learning Schedules
  • Set Up an In-Home Classroom Environment
  • Provide the Resources Your Child Needs
  • Incorporate Appropriate Learning Activities
  • Provide Instruction in the Arts

In addition to these tasks, your Governess/Governor has the advantage over traditional educators because they can:

  • Tailor lessons to fit your child’s interests. Your child’s favorite subjects can be prioritized while they still learn other essential materials.
  • Provide the type of learning environment your child needs. Some children learn better through visual representation, others are more hands-on. Your Governess/Governor will adjust their teaching to match how your child learns.
  • Have the freedom to take learning anywhere. If you have a second home, yacht, or take your children with you when you travel, you do not have to worry about them missing school. Their Governess/Governor will travel with them and ensure that lessons continue.
  • Teach your child proper etiquette for social interactions with others. It is important for your child to know how to communicate effectively with others using the right etiquette.
  • Provide new learning opportunities other than the classroom. Your Governess/Governor can take your child to the museum, library, or other places to supplement current lessons. For instance, if they are learning about the solar system, your Governess/Governor can take your child to the planetarium for an educational outing.
  • Teach your child important life skills no longer taught in most schools. Your child can learn how to read and write in cursive. Your Governess/Governor can teach them home economics with cooking and sewing lessons, how to balance a checkbook, to create a budget for managing personal finances, and more.
  • Help prepare your child for college and university entrance exams. A Governess/Governor can help your high school-aged kids prepare for their entrance exams in addition to their regular lessons.

A Governess/Governor can also be a live-in member of your household staff when you want them to be nearby and easily accessible to your child.

Hire a Governess/Governor Today

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A Governess/Governor is the perfect solution to meet your children’s educational needs while keeping them safe and reducing the risks of them getting the coronavirus. Not to mention, you will not have to worry about them forgetting to attend virtual learning sessions or falling behind their peers.

Instead, they will be able to have in-person learning in a structured environment tailored to their educational needs. For help finding the right Governess/Governor for your child or children, please feel free to contact Staffing at Tiffanie’s at 866-484-5550 today!

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