Childhood Allergies and How Experienced Nannies Can Help

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Childhood Allergies and How Experienced Nannies Can Help

Little boy is blowing his nose near blossoming flowers

Allergies are not much fun whether we are children or adults. As adults, we have learned to manage our allergies using various medications, prescription treatments, and other such methods. With children, it can be more difficult to know whether they have the sniffles and the start of a cold or are allergic to something.

What causes allergies?

Allergies are caused when antibodies in the body think a substance is harmful, even though it is not. The immune system responds whenever it senses the allergen in the body. The side effects of this response can range from mild to very serious anaphylaxis.

How common are childhood allergies?

Allergies occur in children for various reasons. One of the more common ones is genetics. If either parent or both parents have allergies, there is a good chance their children will also have allergies. However, children’s allergies can be different from their parents.

What are the most common childhood allergies?

Children can experience all sorts of allergies as a child. Sometimes they will outgrow these allergies; other times, the allergies will remain with them through adulthood.

1. Food Allergies

Children can be allergic to various foods such as nuts, fish, wheat gluten, dairy, poultry, shellfish, oils, eggs, and specific fruits and vegetables.

2. Medicine Allergies

Children can experience an allergic response when taking certain medications like penicillin or acetaminophen. Most parents do not realize their child has a medicine allergy until after they have taken the medicine.

3. Rubber/Latex Allergies

Some children are allergic to rubber and latex products, such as rubber bands, balloons, rubber playmats, and so on.

4. Hay Fever

Season allergies can affect children just as much as adults. Children can be allergic to pollen, dust, dander, and other such particulates that are in the air.

5. Skin Allergies

Skin allergies occur when the child touches or is in contact with something, such as a wristwatch. For example, the child may have a metal allergy. When wearing the watch, the skin can start to itch, swell, or develop small blisters (hives).

6. Pet Allergies

Some children are allergic to pet dander and pet hair. Yet, not all children are allergic to all pets and, in some cases, they may only be allergic to dogs or cats but not both.

What are the most common symptoms to recognize?

Some of the most common allergy symptoms include:

  • Itchy, Watery Eyes
  • Itchy Skin
  • Runny Nose
  • Coughing
  • Sneezing
  • Digestive Issues (Diarrhea, Gas, Cramping, Etc.)
  • Wheezing
  • Tingling Sensation in the Throat or Mouth
  • Difficulty Breathing
  • Frequent Ear Infections

What are childhood allergy treatments for mild allergies?

One way to treat mild allergies is to avoid those things that trigger the allergic reaction. When that is not possible, then parents may need to use one of these childhood allergy treatments:

  • Over-the-Counter Children’s Allergy Medications
  • Prescription Medications
  • Allergy Shots
  • Cold Compresses

What should you do for severe allergic reactions?

With severe allergic reactions, it is important to seek medical assistance immediately. The child may be experiencing anaphylaxis and could need epinephrine. If this is the child’s first severe reaction, a complete allergy assessment should be completed to determine what allergies the child has.

Pulmonologist Doing Skin Allergy Test on Little Boy

How can an experienced nanny help?

An experienced nanny has been trained to recognize allergies in children. They know what to do to help alleviate the symptoms. They also know how to respond calmly should the child have a severe allergic reaction. Not to mention, they will ensure the child does not eat or come into contact with anything they are severely allergic to, such as peanuts.

If your child suffers from allergies, and you want an experienced nanny with knowledge about childhood allergies, please feel free to contact Staffing at Tiffanie’s by calling 866-484-5550 today! We offer a wide range of customizable nanny services for part-time and full-time positions.