Do I Need to Hire a Private Housekeeper?

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Do I Need to Hire a Private Housekeeper?

Hiring a Private Housekeeper

Have you ever grown tired of the daily upkeep required to keep your home looking great? Maybe you are exhausted after getting home from work but still need to prepare meals, ensure your children do their homework, and take care of other household tasks?

Whether you have a hectic schedule that keeps you constantly on the go or just would like some much-needed free time with your family, hiring a private housekeeper could be the right choice. To help you decide if a housekeeper is for you, consider the following reasons:

1. You work from the time you get up until you go to bed with no free time.

If you find that you are constantly working, whether you work a job or are a stay-at-home parent, and by the time you can finally sit down and enjoy a moment of free time it is time for bed, then you could benefit from a housekeeper.

2. You find it hard to keep up with keeping your home clean.

Between washing loads of laundry, doing dishes, cooking meals, and performing other chores, you just never seem to have enough time to keep up with mopping, vacuuming, cleaning the bathrooms, and other household cleaning tasks. Hiring a housekeeper can help you regain control and keep your home looking great all the time.

3. You Despise cleaning and doing household chores.

There are some of us who simply dread doing laundry, cleaning, and other household chores. We force ourselves to do the least amount possible to just get by. Yet, that leaves the rest of the house dirty and unkempt. Fortunately, you never have to do any cleaning or household chores again by hiring a private housekeeper.

4. You want a break to relax and enjoy yourself and your family.

You can hire a housekeeper full time or part time. Some people just simply want a break from cooking, cleaning, and other household duties, so they treat themselves by hiring a housekeeper through a housekeeping employment agency.

5. You want peace of mind when you travel or go on vacation.

Private Housekeeper Cooking Dinner

Besides helping with household chores and other tasks, a housekeeper can help take care of pets and watch your home when you travel for business or go on vacation. You do not have to worry about stopping the mail, hiring a pet-sitting service or boarding service, or asking friends to check on your home.

Plus, when you return from your trip or vacation, you come home to a clean home and can have a home-cooked meal waiting for you too!

6. You enjoy hosting parties and other events at your home.

If you like throwing parties, charity events, or other social events at your home, then you can save a lot of time and energy with help from a housekeeper. A housekeeper has experience in overseeing other household staff, caterers, and ensuring that the preparations for your event meet your requirements and vision.

7. You just had a baby.

A new baby will take up a lot of time for both parents. Between feedings and diaper changes, one or both of you may still have work commitments. A private housekeeper can help take care of other household duties so you can focus on your baby and work and not worry about anything else getting done around the house.

8. You have reached a point in your career where you deserve a housekeeper.

You have worked long hours to get where you are today. Now that you have the extra disposable income, you may simply want to hire a housekeeper because you no longer want to take care of household tasks and you want to have more free time to do the things you enjoy.

What Do Private Housekeepers Do?

Private housekeepers perform a wide range of household duties and functions tailored to your specific needs. A housekeeper performs cleaning tasks much like a maid but does so much more. In general, a housekeeper is responsible for the daily management and upkeep of the entire home.

They will also take care of the following:

  • Cooking and Preparing Meals
  • Washing and Putting Away Dishes
  • Ensuring Children Get To/From School
  • Shopping
  • Making Beds
  • Managing Other Household Staff (Gardeners, Pool Cleaners, etc.)
  • Dry Cleaning/Ironing
  • Restocking Personal Items
  • Restocking Cleaning Supplies
  • Purchasing Necessary Cleaning Equipment
  • Scheduling Household Repair and Maintenance Services
  • Getting the Mail and Picking Up Packages

In addition, housekeepers can perform certain general childcare services like watching your children while you go out on a date night with your spouse. However, if you want someone to provide full-time care for your children, you will want to also hire a nanny.

When Should I Consider a Private Live-In Housekeeper?

Hiring a live-in housekeeper is something you should consider if you have the space available in your home. A live-in housekeeper provides additional benefits to you and your family. For instance, if you work long hours or travel frequently for business, your home will be more secure with a live-in housekeeper. Plus, you can rest easy knowing your family is being taken care of while you are away.

Another consideration is the number of hours you expect your housekeeper to work. If you want your housekeeper to work daily and be readily available, then a live-in could be perfect for you. Just remember to include what time off you are willing to offer a live-in housekeeper.

If you are not entirely sure whether you want a live-in housekeeper or not, it is best to discuss your needs with a qualified housekeeping employment agency. They can help you determine which option would best suit your needs, requirements, and budget. 

How to Hire the Right Private Housekeeper for You

Hiring a Private Housekeeper for Your Home

To find the right housekeeper, you need to make sure you have clear and concise requirements. You want to make a list of all the duties, tasks, chores, and functions you expect the housekeeper to perform.

You will want to consider other factors like the size of your home, your lifestyle, the size of your family, and the needs of your family as well.

Once you have your list completed, the next step is to request resumes and references from a housekeeping employment agency. Using an agency is easier than attempting to find the right housekeeper on your own.

The agency will have performed background checks, confirmed references, and taken care of other such details. Not to mention, an agency will be able to match your needs to specific candidates. Plus, you will save time and can find the right housekeeper much faster.

After reviewing resumes, you will want to meet with potential candidates and conduct a formal interview. The interview process is so you can meet the candidates, see if their personalities are a good fit, learn more about them, and ask them specific questions.

You will also want to discuss your expectations and job duties and whether the candidate will be able to handle these with minimal supervision.

Last, you will want to work out the contract details with the housekeeping employment agency. The contract should clearly specify the rate of pay and benefits such as paid time off, insurance and retention bonus, as well as job requirements, schedule and whether you want a live-in private housekeeper.

Before signing the contract, it is important to review it thoroughly.

Most importantly, keep in mind you do not have to hire a housekeeper full-time or have them live in. You can hire a private housekeeper to work part-time hours and live outside of your home.

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