What Makes a Great Nanny?

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What Makes a Great Nanny?

Parents leaving their children with nanny at home

As a caregiver, a nanny is someone you must trust. Their job is to provide a safe, caring, and nurturing environment for children—but how do you know someone can fill this role? Finding a professional nanny can be hard work, but a nanny placement agency can find the right fit. Still, it helps to recognize the attributes of a great nanny; here are some of the top qualities to look for:

  • Responsible: You depend on a nanny to show up on time and be ready to work, every day. Their schedule may revolve around your work hours and a child’s academic schedule. A nanny must juggle many tasks, from taking your child to and from school, music lessons, or sports practice to preparing meals, to doing the laundry.
  • Trustworthy: A nanny is someone you let into your home to care for your child, and who has access to many private details about your family. They must act and make decisions in a way that reflects the best interests of your children. You must feel you can trust a nanny before you begin your working relationship with them.
  • Genuine Love for Children: Enjoying the company of children is a sign your nanny will do what it takes to ensure their well-being. Nannying involves spending long days with children. There are many demands, so an energetic demeanor and a genuine passion for the job is a must. Quality time involves playing with children and keeping them stimulated, helping them grow, and exploring their interests.

mom and son reading together

  • Patient: A nanny’s job involves dealing with all issues that come with caring for a child. Therefore, a caregiver must have an even temper whether your child becomes emotional or tests the boundaries. The job also often involves short time constraints and frustrating situations, which a nanny should have the innate capacity to handle.
  • Organized: A nanny must juggle many tasks, from preparing meals to scheduling nap time, to making sure your child gets to school and other activities on time. Time management and the ability to set priorities are essential. The right nanny can handle all the responsibilities that come with childcare.
  • Flexible: A nanny’s work is not the typical nine to five job. As daily responsibilities might change, they must be comfortable adjusting and adapting to shifting schedules and different needs that arise. The caregiver must be attentive to your directions and also be able to communicate information about your children. Flexibility extends to managing any stage of your child’s development, from potty training to learning to read, to developing social skills.
  • Common Sense: Decision-making is a core part of a nanny’s job. Your child’s caregiver may need to make important decisions regarding your child’s health and safety. Proper food choices are important, but a nanny must also know how to handle cleaning up a mess or dealing with any emergency that arises.

A nanny is someone who may spend many years with your children. Looking for a nanny can be a long and arduous process, but this nanny placement agency makes it easy! At Staffing at Tiffanie’s, we can find the right match based on your family’s needs. Call us at 866-484-5550 to learn more.