Rainy Day Activities to Do with the Kids

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Rainy Day Activities to Do with the Kids

puzzle on the table

When the weather turns too wet for outdoor play, keeping kids active and entertained can be a challenge. Here are a few great rainy day activities you and your nanny can enjoy with your kids.

Solve a Jigsaw Puzzle

A tried-and-true rainy-day activity, working on a puzzle together is a great way to keep kids engaged and exercise their mental skills. Encourage teamwork by playing to one another’s strengths—maybe the youngest is an excellent “edge finder!” As the picture comes together, kids see how small steps add up to big things.

Host a Movie Marathon

Pile all the pillows on the couch, pop some popcorn, and settle in with the kids for a movie or five. Check out the newest releases on your preferred streaming platform or gather your at-home family favorites for a nostalgic film fest.

Build a Mighty Fortress

Learning to build a fort out of pillows, blankets, sheets, and furniture is practically a rite of passage. Gather some fabrics and other building materials and work with the kids to design and build the ideal fortress. Not only is it fun and imaginative, but it’s also a great way to get kids thinking about construction and working on their motor skills. When it’s finished, your fort can be anything you want: a secret clubhouse, a castle under siege, etc.

Create Artistic Masterpieces

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Prepare an area for potential messes and provide age-appropriate arts and crafts supplies, and then let them create to their hearts’ content! Join in and share with one another, encouraging them to try unorthodox methods and use their imaginations. When they’re finished, hang up everyone’s work for the entire family to enjoy.

Game Together

Whether it’s board games, card games, or video games, playing them together is a classic rainy-day activity that gives everyone a chance to participate. If you’re a family that loves video games, hook up your favorite console for a light-hearted tournament or a cooperative adventure. If screens aren’t your style, pull the kids’ favorite card and board games from the shelves. They may even be able to teach you something new!

Invent Some Totally New Cuisine

Cooking together is always a great way to bond and teach valuable skills. Add an extra creative twist to things by challenging yourselves to develop a brand new recipe. Let the kids be a bit wild with their ideas (with reasonable limits, of course). Even if the idea of spaghetti and peas pizza sounds awful, this is a great opportunity to encourage out-of-the-box ideas and show the kids how much fun it can be to try new things and explore unique tastes.

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