Allowing Your Nanny to Prepare for Your New Baby

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Allowing Your Nanny to Prepare for Your New Baby

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Even for experienced parents, having a new baby always requires some adjustments to the way your home and family operate. Here’s how you can (and why you should) allow your nanny to be involved in preparing for your new family member.

Communication Is Key

Just as you share normal schedule details with your nanny, make sure you provide all information related to doctor’s appointments, your expected due date, your birthing plans, etc. It’s also a good idea to provide important details in both written and verbal form; for example, you might write it on a calendar and have a quick face-to-face chat.

You should also go over red flags for complications and share information from your doctor about any health risks you may face. Discuss what to do in a medical emergency and keep an updated list of emergency contacts. If you’d like a live-in nanny to be able to speak with doctors on your behalf, you’ll need to talk to your healthcare provider about authorization.

Discuss Nannying Expectations Ahead of Time

Once a baby arrives, there’s very little time for anything else. Rather than struggling after the fact, take the time to discuss how you expect your nanny to care for your new baby well in advance. If you hired a baby nanny in advance of your first child, this is an opportunity to set clear expectations and have them learn household tasks before the baby arrives. If you already have other children, you should still address expectations, especially if this is the first infant they’ll be caring for in your home.

Outline Changes and Adjust Contracts as Necessary

As you discuss plans and expectations, it’s important to revisit any relevant contracts, agreements, or other legal documents. If you’ll be increasing pay or changing any major employment terms, you need to update these in writing via legal documents. This protects both you and your nanny and ensures a continued good relationship.

Let Them Celebrate with You

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There are few things in life as special and exciting as the journey of bringing a new life into the world. As someone who chose a career in working with children and families, your nanny will undoubtedly be thrilled to follow and support your experience.

By sharing your joy and inviting them to celebrate milestones with you, you strengthen your relationship with your nanny. Perhaps even more importantly, it allows your nanny to form a bond with your baby early on, ensuring a healthy and positive relationship with your child after they’re born.

Find a Nanny That Suits Your Growing Family

At Staffing at Tiffanie’s, we believe that the best nanny relationships begin with finding the right fit. At your request, we’ll provide pre-screened, qualified candidates; all you have to do is interview them! We’ll also provide full support throughout your nanny’s employment, making it easy to set up agreements and make changes to them as your family grows.

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