Keeping Your Home and Domestic Staff Safe During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Keeping Your Home and Domestic Staff Safe During the COVID-19 Pandemic


With children home from school and demand for certain services rising, essential employees like Health Care/Public Health, Law Enforcement/Public Safety/First Responders, Intelligence Support, Educators, Food and Agriculture, Electricity, Petroleum and Financial Services need help to manage all of their responsibilities. Even those working from home are struggling to juggle their job duties with home and family management. Fortunately, domestic staffing agencies like Staffing at Tiffanie’s can provide valuable help during this unpredictable time.

Here’s how you can keep your family and in-home staff healthy, as well as protect the community at large.

Follow CDC Health and Safety Guidelines

Make sure everyone in the household is using CDC recommended practices.

Remember: even if someone isn’t showing symptoms, they may be carrying COVID-19 and have the potential to infect others.

Limit Outings to the Absolute Essentials

If a certain staff member’s job does not require them to leave the house, don’t ask them to do so (in fact, you should encourage them to stay in your home). Ideally, no one should leave the house except for essential needs like food, medications, and other necessary supplies. If multiple staff members normally have duties outside the house, assign any necessary errands to one person to minimize exposure risks.

Sanitize Appropriately

In addition to hand washing, practice good sanitation habits like the following:

  • Regularly disinfect frequently touched surfaces (doorknobs, countertops, TV remotes, phones, light switches, etc.) with a household disinfectant wipe or spray that is appropriate for the material.
  • If an area is dirty, clean it with soap and water prior to disinfecting.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for safe use and make sure you have sufficient ventilation.
  • Do not attempt to mix cleaners; there could be a harmful chemical reaction.

Give Everyone Plenty of Space

Be mindful of how many staff members you have working in a single area at the same time. Make sure they are able to maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from one another at all times. You may have to make unusual adjustments to how things are done, but it will prevent unnecessary spread among staff.

Be Flexible

Show staff that you’re willing to make accommodations and work with them on things like scheduling, job duties, pay, and housing. By allowing staff to have input and direct their personal response to the pandemic, you can help staff feel safe and boost their morale.

Get Household Staffing Assistance Today

Whether you need additional help at home or want more information on how you can accommodate your existing staff during the pandemic, we at Staffing at Tiffanie’s are available to answer your questions and help you find the right solutions. Call (866) 484-5550 to learn more about our domestic staffing services.