Setting and Maintaining Boundaries with Your Nanny

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Setting and Maintaining Boundaries with Your Nanny

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Your family will be spending a lot of time with your nanny, and it’s crucial that everyone has a clear understanding of expectations and relationship boundaries. Here’s how you can create healthy professional boundaries with your nanny for a great long-term relationship.

Being Friendly Doesn’t Mean Oversharing

It’s certainly important to develop a bond with your nanny, but that doesn’t mean you have to tell them everything. Even if you get along very well with your nanny and consider them a friend, it’s best not to discuss especially personal topics regarding your marriage, finances, or other intimate topics. You should also steer clear of gossiping or speaking negatively about former employees.

Set Clear Boundaries from Day One

It’s best to sit down and discuss appropriate boundaries upon hiring a professional nanny rather than waiting until problems have already occurred. Define what is and is not appropriate in your household, as well as the boundaries for discussing personal information and other non-work interactions. It’s a good idea to include these boundary definitions in your written agreement to avoid misunderstandings from verbal discussions.

Revisit and Redefine Boundaries as Needed

It’s a good idea to check back in on your set boundaries from time to time and discuss with your nanny whether they are still working well or need to be updated. If you find that additional boundaries or further clarifications are needed, talk to your nanny about them and have the appropriate documents updated. The annual review might be an appropriate time to revisit this issue.

Keep Performance Reviews and Other Job-Related Communication Professional

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Any time you are dealing with topics related to their job duties, quality of work, scheduling, pay, etc., make sure you both approach it in a professional way. This makes it easy to talk about difficult issues unemotionally and reassures your nanny that review comments and other types of feedback are not personal attacks. You don’t have to be cold or unfriendly, but make it clear that any job-related communication is strictly on the business side of your relationship.

Show That You Respect Your Nanny’s Boundaries

Just as you expect your nanny to respect your boundaries with regard to your household and day-to-day interactions, be prepared to respect your nanny’s own boundaries. If, for example, you agree that they will not work Wednesday nights, respect that until they say otherwise. If a live-in nanny asks for privacy in their quarters, respect that boundary and let them have their space.

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