Investing in Your Nanny for a Good Long-Term Relationship

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Investing in Your Nanny for a Good Long-Term Relationship

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In order to have a strong personal or professional relationship with someone, you have to be willing to invest in it. Here are a few simple ways you can invest in your nanny for a healthy, happy long-term relationship with your family.

Maintain Open, Honest Communication

Keep an open line of communication with your nanny and foster an environment of friendly, honest discussion. Check in with one another regularly and find ways to communicate like using a calendar or whiteboard to share pertinent information. Encourage your nanny to freely share their thoughts or concerns. Good communication keeps everyone on the same page, and the resulting familiarity means you won’t have to “dance around” touchy issues at review time.

Have Clear Expectations

In addition to open communication, make sure that you have defined expectations for nanny services and that you express them clearly. If your nanny isn’t told what to do or how you expect them to do it, is it really fair for you to be upset when the results don’t meet your standards? Expecting certain results without first telling your nanny only leads to disappointment and unnecessary arguments.

Show Your Appreciation Often

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Everyone needs to hear that they’re doing a good job from time to time, and nannies are no exception. Make sure that you take the time to praise them when they do well, offer kind words when they need them and otherwise show your thanks. You might even offer rewards and incentives for exceptional work, such as bonus pay, extra time off, or a personal gift.

Encourage Bonding with the Whole Family

Let your nanny know that you see them as an integral part of your family’s life by welcoming them to join you in fun activities and events. Encourage your children and partner to invest in their own relationships with your nanny, as well, so that all of you can have strong, healthy relationships. Strengthen the bonds with your nanny, and they’ll want to work with you for a long time.

Show That You Respect Their Personal Needs

Even if you have an in-home nanny, remember that they have their own personal interests and needs, too. Show that you respect those needs by understanding when they need to adjust their schedule for things like school and family events. Show empathy when they are sick or going through a rough time, and be willing to be flexible. When they see you’ve always got their best interest at heart, they’ll likely enjoy working with you even more.

Let Us Help You Find the Perfect Part-Time or Live-in Nanny

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