Solidifying Your Professional Relationship with Your Nanny

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Solidifying Your Professional Relationship with Your Nanny

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Unlike other types of jobs, nannying is an inherently personal career. Whether you have a part- or full-time nanny, building a strong, positive relationship with them is extremely important. Here are a few things you can do to connect with them and nurture a healthy professional bond.

Establish Good Communication

Your nanny should feel like they can talk to you comfortably and honestly. Keep them in the loop with important information about the household so that they feel a part of the team. And not everything needs to be about work; sometimes just having a nice chat about something fun is enough to bond over.

Good communication doesn’t mean there aren’t boundaries, of course. Any issues related to work duties should still be addressed in a professional context.

Take a Professional Interest in Their Lives

Take time to get to know your nanny and show a genuine interest in their professional goals. Even if their lifestyle is very different from your own, you can still show that you care about them as a person by being curious about what they want to do in the future. Likewise, feel free to share your own professional interests and stories with them.

Practice Being a Good Listener

When talking to your nanny, make a sincere effort to listen to them. Beyond simply hearing what they’re saying, consider practicing “active listening,” in which you offer feedback and ask questions to create a two-way conversation without completely overtaking it. By learning to become a better listener, you can show your nanny that you really do value their thoughts and opinions.

Remember Their Special Days

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One of the simplest gestures you can make is to remember and celebrate your nanny’s special days, such as their work anniversary. Recognizing their work anniversary can signify it’s time for an annual review and solidify your professional commitment to the relationship. Similarly, if your nanny celebrates a holiday or cultural event that your own family does not usually celebrate, offering some sort of gift or greeting can be a great way to show that you care. Even just a small handwritten card can mean the world.

Bond with Them as Part of the Household Team

Show your nanny that you see them as a vital part of your family’s function by encouraging the whole family to build good relationships with them. Including your nanny in fun family events is a great way to make them part of the group and create memories together. It’s also a perfect opportunity to strengthen the bond between your nanny and your kids.

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