5 Qualities Every Personal Assistant Should Have

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5 Qualities Every Personal Assistant Should Have

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For professional individuals, families, or households, having time to schedule errands and activities may be little more than a luxury. Calling a personal assistant agency to find someone to keep you organized can be a great way to not only save time but also have the ability to enjoy life. The best personal assistant for yourself or your family is one that possesses these 5 important qualities.


1. They’re Someone You Can Trust

Being trustworthy is an especially important quality for personal assistants. After all, they will be helping to make your personal life easier by completing tasks like paying bills, scheduling appointments, and arranging your travel plans. Anyone who will be involved with handling your sensitive personal information should be trustworthy.

They’ll also be running errands, taking you or your family members to appointments, and may be involved with childcare. All of these tasks require a person whom you can trust.


2. They’re Reliable

Any top-quality personal assistant must be reliable. After all, they are an extension of you and your household. That being said, the personal assistant you hire will not only place a high value on being punctual, but also complete every task on time, or sooner, to your utmost satisfaction.

The right personal assistant will get to know you and your family so well that, in time, they’ll know what needs to be done and do it without any prompting from you.


3. They’re Always on Top of Things

In addition to trustworthiness and reliability, your personal assistant needs to be able to be not only attentive but observant. It’s this eye for detail that will allow your assistant to instantly identify and handle anything you might have unwittingly overlooked so that there are no delays or interruptions in the process.


4. They Work Well Under Pressure

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The reason you’re hiring a personal executive assistant is to organize and manage your busy life. With so much to do, they’ll have to know how to successfully complete several tasks simultaneously. In addition, they’ll have to be able to easily handle life’s unexpected and unpredictable situations, all with professionalism and a calm and cool demeanor.


5. They Have Computer Skills

Whether it’s booking a flight, replying to your emails, or buying theater tickets, everything is online these days. Therefore, your personal assistant should definitely be able to demonstrate that they can get things done as quickly and efficiently online as they do offline.


How to Find the Best Personal Assistant

Any personal assistant you plan to hire should possess the above characteristics, but how do you find the best one for your household? At Staffing at Tiffanie’s, your family’s needs and your own are our top priority. We listen to and understand your requirements before conducting confidential searches for the most highly qualified professionals. We then send qualified candidates to you for audition and selection.

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