6 Tips for Navigating Your New Nanny’s First Day

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6 Tips for Navigating Your New Nanny’s First Day

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Once you have gone through the steps to find a nanny, either through a nanny agency or by screening candidates yourself, there are some important steps to take in preparation for their exciting first day. These tips will prepare you for an organized orientation.

1. Complete Paperwork and Permission Forms

If you have engaged a live-in nanny through a reputable domestic staff agency, the essential employment contract and paperwork will be provided for you. Other essentials you should have ready for the first day include:

  • Permission forms that allow your nanny to pick the children up from school or other activities, such as sports, social clubs, or music lessons
  • Parking or access stickers to gated communities or regular destinations
  • Permission forms that allow your nanny to seek emergency medical care for the children
  • A list of emergency contact numbers, including your primary physician, other caregivers, and all contact information you wish to exchange with your nanny.

2. Introduce Your Nanny to Important People

For safe and a smooth transition, your full-time nanny should meet all the members of your household and people with whom they will interact. Recognizing these familiar faces will help your nanny navigate your world and know who to trust within it.

On the first day, if possible, introduce him or her to:

  • Occasional staff such as dog-walkers, gardeners, drivers, or housekeepers
  • Close neighbors, delivery personnel, and personal friends who may visit the house
  • Doormen, gatekeepers, and security staff in your building or neighborhood
  • Teachers, extended family, and other caregivers

3. Arrange for Transportation and Tour Approved Destinations

If your nanny will be transporting your children to activities and destinations by using a vehicle you provide:

  • Spend time showing them the vehicle and how to use its features
  • Demonstrate proper use of your children’s car seats and boosters
  • Program common destinations into the GPS ahead of time for easy navigation
  • Have them added to your auto insurance as an approved driver

4. Demonstrate Household Operations

Depending on the duties discussed during hiring, a live-in nanny may perform some of the tasks of an executive housekeeper. In most cases, they will need to know:

  • How to operate the thermostat, heating, and cooling systems in the home
  • How to use the entertainment system, dishwasher, washing machine, and similar household appliances
  • How to use the home security system, window locks, baby gates, and other child safety equipment installed
  • An outline of normal daily routine, including medications, mealtimes, bedtimes, and activities for the children

5. Outline House Rules for Staff

While a professional nanny understands the boundaries of their position, every household has different rules which should be reviewed so that there are no misunderstandings. Some important items to cover may be:

  • The location of any dangerous items or areas which are off limits to the nanny and/or the children
  • Instructions on allowable use of any hot tubs, pools, saunas, exercise equipment, or other household amenities
  • Limitations on things like personal visitors, social media sharing, and personal use of the phone or computers.

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6. Establish Clear Communication

Discuss how often and by what means you will communicate with your nanny outside of emergencies. Some common practices which provide transparency are:

  • Having the nanny keep a daily log of activities, highlights, and concerns
  • Creating a collaborative calendar so you can share visibility about planned activities
  • Scheduling a specific time for a daily call or email to check in

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