How to Properly Reference-Check Private Household Staff

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How to Properly Reference-Check Private Household Staff

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After interviewing several individuals for your live-in nanny or another open household staff position, you’ll eventually narrow it down to two or three that you really like. Now that your review of their resumes is complete and you had great interviews, your last task before choosing the right candidate for your family to check their references.

Checking References Is Crucial

After going through so much to find your final selection of candidates, you may be tempted to skip the reference check. However, this is one of the most important parts because the reference check ensures that your impression of the candidate was accurate, and that they have the proper experience to fulfill the duties of the job. The questions you want to ask during reference checks are important to think about and prepare for.

Explain and Describe

Begin your conversation with the reference by explaining the position you are seriously considering the candidate for. You’ll want to include some of the challenges the candidate will face when working for you, and also describe your idea of an ideal employee.

Ask and Listen

Now that you’ve explained and described what you’re looking for in an executive housekeeper, it’s time to ask questions about their previous employment. Open-ended questions using the information given to you by the candidate are best because they’ll allow the reference to answer more openly.

For example, you might lead with a statement about what the candidate said they did for the previous employer, and then ask for more information or an example of this from the reference. As they will be part of your household, you’ll also want to ask questions that will reveal more about their values and personality.

Listening to what the reference has to say is the most important thing. You’ll want to be alert to what information they give to you, and not necessarily how it’s presented. Writing down only the facts will give you the clearest picture of a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses.

Other Important Aspects of Reference Checks

Keep in mind that, as an employer, you are bound by law. Therefore, you are prohibited from asking any questions about a candidate’s disability, religion, or age during any part of the hiring process. You’ll also want to avoid asking questions about anything related to a candidate’s pregnancy, gender, or race.

While it’s important to be objective, several negative comments or references are never ideal, so it’s best to move on to the next candidate if this is the case.

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An Easier Way to Hire Household Staff

Finding, interviewing, and checking candidate references can be exhausting. Domestic staffing agencies can offer many benefits, but it’s important to ensure you find the right one for you.

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