How to Write a Household Manual for Your Home or Estate

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How to Write a Household Manual for Your Home or Estate

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When you have a large estate or a busy career, nanny services and other household staff members can keep your home running successfully. Here’s how you can create a detailed manual to ensure your staff is informed and can meet your expectations.

Efficiency Tip: Organize Information by Location

Organizing content by room or area can help the staff find what they need quickly and easily.

You might organize it this way:

  • Cleaning Tips and Preferences
    • Bedroom
    • Kitchen
    • Master bath

or this way:

  • Dining Room
    • Tasks
    • Cleaning tips
    • Maintenance

What You Should Include in Your Manual

Your manual should contain all the information needed to perform household tasks and make informed decisions. Make sure you include the following key sections:

Staff Responsibilities and Tasks

Start with a list of all staff responsibilities and daily, weekly, or monthly tasks. Clarify which staff members are responsible for which tasks and include step-by-step instructions.


  • Nanny: Childcare, mail, phone calls, appointments, laundry.”
  • Laundry:
    1. Separate clothes into like colors and wash per the chart on the washer lid.
    2. Use ½ cap full of detergent.
    3. Tumble dry on low.”

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Cleaning Tips and Preferences

If you have particular preferences for how you like things to be cleaned or simply want to offer some advice, include that information in its own section.


  • “Use only natural cleaning products in the playroom.”
  • “Let the tile cleaner sit an extra minute for the best result.”

Maintenance and Supplies

Provide schedules and instructions for regular household maintenance, from yard work and gutter cleaning to appliance tune-ups and winter snow removal. Provide a list of any supplies that may be needed, like weed killer, cleaning products, furnace filters, water softener salt, caulk, etc.

Bills and Budget

If the staff will be managing your bills, outline how and when you would like them handled. Even if they will not, at least provide clear budget amounts for things they might purchase, such as groceries or cleaning supplies.

Full Contact List

List email addresses, phone numbers, and addresses for yourself, your partner, and anyone else you trust to assist the staff in your absence. If you have children, provide information for their schools, extracurricular programs, friends’ houses, etc. You should also list important places and services like nearby hospitals, doctors, veterinarians, and plumbers.

Emergency Protocol

Having an emergency protocol is crucial. As clearly as possible, explain how you would like any and all possible emergencies to be handled.


  • Son has an asthma attack: If he can still breathe, bring him the rescue inhaler from the medicine cabinet. If he is struggling to breathe or the rescue inhaler does not work, call 911 immediately.”

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