How a Live-In Nanny Can Encourage Child Development

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How a Live-In Nanny Can Encourage Child Development

How Nannies Can Encourage Child Development

Decades of research in the child development field have revealed that the experiences a child has with people will significantly impact his or her development. Therefore, it stands to reason that the higher the quality of care your children receive, the healthier their development will be. With an increasing number of parents at work, live-in nanny services are becoming a more popular choice than ever.

Personal Care Matters

A nanny’s responsibility is to care for a household’s children via discipline, supervision, instruction, and by providing a positive example. However, a nanny’s responsibility does not end there. A nanny must also connect with the children on a deeper level — one that provides them with a consistency of care that makes them feel safe.

Having a live-in nanny means that someone will always be there to understand and meet the specific needs of a child. For parents, it means never having to doubt that their child will be without this support and the utmost attention.

Quality Care Impacts Children Directly

A child who is exposed to quality home care that a live-in nanny provides in the first three years of life is positively impacted on several levels. When in the care of a warm, sensitive, and responsive nanny who provides them with optimal stimulation, children will be able to develop trust in the other adults in their lives. They will also benefit from one-on-one attention, which helps them develop empathy and positive social skills.

Children Having Fun Learning

Children who receive quality in-home care from a well-trained nanny experience lower stress levels. They also experience improved cognitive and language skills, as well as more positive social development when cared for at home. In addition, better physical and emotional health were also the result of receiving only the best care from a live-in nanny.

The Results of In-Home Care Last a Lifetime

Research has found that children that are cared for by highly-qualified and completely competent private household staff, who are not their parents, are more likely to make an easier transition to other situations where a non-parent is in charge of their care, such as teachers at school or coaches at after-school sports.

The positive emotional support received in this kind of environment can remain with the child for a lifetime, providing them with the tools they need to overcome adversity. In addition, the emotional bonds a child forms with parents and caregivers alike will affect all of the personal relationships that child forms with others in the future. This is directly related to the training that a live-in nanny has received.

Top Talent for Your Unique Needs

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